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The "Daddy" of RKO, Vegas Jake keeps these boys in line (even though sometimes, it's a chorus line) and keeps the back room at the White Horse poppin' and the mic hot. Vegas Jake is a suave, loungy character with enough sleaze and charm to keep Oakland crowds riveted twice a month going on six years, not to mention his fabulous outfits and paternal warmth. 


The de facto artistic director of the troupe, Mickey Finn is a resident choreographer, costume master, and jack of all trades stagecraft, not to mention a fantastic performer in their own right. Finn specializes in genderfucking, burlesque and boilesque, and everything dance and dominatrix. You never know what they'll be bringing to the stage!


Affectionately known as the "Puckster" amongs the boys, Randy Puck is a mischievious prankster with a penchant for clowning. Specializing in sexy-funny, Puck can be counted on to bring the physical humor and genderfuckery to silly and serious numbers alike. Puck holds RKO's Community Guidelines and is in charge of onboarding new performers and general mediation, so find him at the show with any questions!


A sheep in wolf's clothing, Dante can often be found staging video game numbers, re-enacting Dungeons and Dragons, playing the requisite school boy, or, for something completely different, starring in elaborate BDSM scenes. Demoan has been a regular performer at the White Horse since before June 2010, when Rebel Kings of Oakland was founded. 


Equal parts gentleman and cad, Andy is what one might call a "classic" drag king. He cleans up nice, gives good face, and knows his way around some pomade. He's also a staunch stage boy and sports a mean mustache. Find him working our Merchandise table at the shows, sharing trucker hats, t-shirts, pins, stickers, and more!


The little brother of the group, Joey is one of RKO's newest and youngest members. Gelato has brought the "fresh-faced baby king" back to the White Horse and can be found kinging his heart out every RKO show! He is also in charge of booking performers to our stage, so drop him a line if you'd like to be a guest performer in an upcoming show!


Ray Chill is currently heading up our international chapter. Having just returned from Spain, where he repped RKO abroad for a year, Chill is working on getting his stage legs back. We recommend taking advantage of his brief hiatus to prepare yourself for his smoothness. He may be chill, but he's guaranteed to heat you up.

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